General knowledge about coffee (ganocafe)

Young women who have children at birth were 100 days and during breastfeeding, should not drink it. Because the range 100 days, the baby will want pure milk of the mother, what to drink it will affect the baby, so be careful.

People with gastritis should not cafe, because caffeine is a stimulant the secretion of gastric juice in the stomach. It greatly enhances stomach acid to more inflammation.

Young women who have children, should not drink ganocafe coffee

People with heart disease should not drink coffee, because caffeine has a role in stimulating the heart. It is dangerous for older people with heart disease. It would make the heart more efficient too and wear faster, should not be drink it.If you are asked, how much you should drink coffee  per day. I find it do not have standards, should view based liking and body condition.

Drinking coffee in the evening will result a diuretic, you may need to urinate in toilets at night and interfere with sleep. Who are pregnant should not drink cafe. It contains caffeine and may affect the internal organs of babies are also susceptible. Children should not drink it, especially children under the age of 10 years.


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